Sidique finishes fifth in triple jump at NCAAs

Mo Sidique '15
Mo Sidique '15

DELAWARE, Ohio - Brandeis University junior Mohamed Sidique (Harlem, N.Y./St. Raymond H.S. for Boys) finished in fifth place in the men's triple jump at the 2014 Division III Outdoor Track & Field Championships. He jumped a career-best 48 feet, 1 3/4 inches (14.67 meters) to earn his first-career All-American honor.

Sidique was tied for 10th in the country heading into the event with a distance of 47 feet, 9 3/4 inches, a mark he set on May 1 at the New England Division III Championships.

The top 20 made it to NCAAs, and after three preliminary jumps, the top nine reached the final round. Sidique's best jump came on his second try.

Sidique is the first All-American for the Brandeis men's team since Chris Brown '12 finished fourth in the 1500-meter race at the 2012 Outdoor Championships.


Full results are below:

                            NCAA Division III 2014 Outdoor                            
                             Track & Field Championships                              
                        Delaware, OH  - 5/22/2014 to 5/24/2014                        
Event 32  Men Triple Jump
 Two flights. Random draw                                                             
 30 minute flight specific warm-up. No general warm-up.                               
 Max 20 min. before finals. May start early if all are ready.                         
 Advance best 9 AFTER ties to finals. Reverse order.                                  
  DIII Champ: # 16.88m  1989        Jan Cado, North Central (IL)                      
     Stadium: ! 15.76m  1996        Levar Anderson                                    
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Wind           Points
  1 Jamie Ruginski            SO Southern Maine          15.13m   0.3  49-07.75  10   
     14.36m(-0.3) 14.74m(0.4) 14.55m(-0.5) 14.69m(-0.1) 15.13m(0.3) 14.94m(+0.0)      
  2 Dominique Torres          SO Christopher Newport     14.89m   0.6  48-10.25   8   
     FOUL      FOUL      14.89m(0.6) 13.95m(0.7) 14.75m(1.4) 14.51m(-1.2)             
  3 Kris Joint                SR Moravian                14.79m   0.7  48-06.25   6   
     14.65m(0.4) 14.63m(-0.8) 14.77m(-0.3) 14.79m(0.7) 11.32m(0.4) 14.75m(-0.4)       
  4 Joshua Danner-Hicks       SR Bridgewater St.         14.76m   1.1  48-05.25   5   
     14.65m(1.0) 14.76m(1.1) 14.09m(-0.6) 14.45m(1.2) 14.64m(-0.9) 14.55m(1.6)        
  5 Mohamed Sidique           JR Brandeis                14.67m   1.1  48-01.75   4   
     14.38m(-0.2) 14.67m(1.1) 14.47m(0.2) 14.22m(-0.1) FOUL(-0.8) FOUL(1.3)           
  6 Jerry Williams            FR Wis.-Stevens Point      14.56m  -0.6  47-09.25   3   
     13.85m(0.2) 14.55m(1.2) 13.04m(0.6) 13.80m(0.3) 14.24m(-0.2) 14.56m(-0.6)        
  7 Glen Forsythe             JR Cortland St.            14.55m   0.7  47-09.00   2   
     13.99m(-0.9) FOUL(0.3) 14.49m(1.4) FOUL(0.6) 14.55m(0.7) FOUL(0.8)               
  8 Richard Pete              JR Buffalo State           14.53m   2.5  47-08.00   1   
     14.10m(0.4) 13.95m(2.2) 14.46m(1.2) FOUL(0.1) 14.10m(+0.0) 14.53m(2.5)           
  9 Artneil Reid              FR Cobleskill              14.51m  -1.5  47-07.25       
     14.51m(-1.5) 14.22m(0.8) FOUL(+0.0) 14.24m(0.2) 14.23m(0.2) 14.27m(0.3)          
 10 Phillip Dowell            SO Ramapo                  14.39m  -0.5  47-02.50       
     14.39m(-0.5) FOUL      14.23m(0.9)                                               
 11 Ray Richardson            SR Buffalo State           14.39m  -1.3  47-02.50       
     14.39m(-1.3) 13.01m(0.3) 14.16m(0.1)                                             
 12 Josh Lynch                JR Heidelberg              14.39m   0.8  47-02.50       
     14.39m(0.8) PASS      FOUL                                                       
 13 Dominique Neloms          JR Wis.-La Crosse          14.26m   0.9  46-09.50       
     13.58m(0.9) 13.58m(1.2) 14.26m(0.9)                                              
 14 Wallace Branche           SO Denison                 14.23m   0.7  46-08.25       
     14.23m(0.7) FOUL(-0.1) 13.90m(-1.1)                                              
 15 Pierre Francois           SO Lehman                  14.21m   1.1  46-07.50       
     14.21m(1.1) 13.23m(1.1) 13.11m(-0.4)                                             
 16 Kyree Wilis-Lear          FR Neumann                 14.12m  +0.0  46-04.00       
     13.66m(0.6) 14.12m(+0.0) FOUL(0.6)                                               
 17 Rayshawn Scott            FR Utica                   13.96m   0.9  45-09.75       
     13.96m(0.9) 13.31m(1.1) 13.72m(-1.6)                                             
 18 Kebba Bojang              SO Dubuque                 13.79m   2.4  45-03.00       
     13.79m(2.4) 13.43m(1.2) 13.68m(0.9)                                              
 19 David Motley              SO MIT                     13.75m  -0.3  45-01.50       
     FOUL      FOUL      13.75m(-0.3)                                                 
 20 Ethan Fowlkes             JR Virginia Wesleyan       12.81m   1.0  42-00.50       
     FOUL      FOUL      12.81m(1.0)