Brandeis Athletics celebrates Diversity and Inclusion

Volleyball team huddle

WALTHAM, Mass. -- Brandeis University Athletics is proud to take part in the 2019 NCAA Diversity and Inclusion Campaign!

Presented by the NCAA Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee and the national Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, This four-day campaign will be conducted Tuesday, Oct.  22  to Friday, Oct. 25.

Over the course of the next four days, members of the campus athletics community will help to show the world the importance of diversity and inclusion to their Brandeis experience with the goal of creating a dialogue on diversity and inclusion and to communicate the benefit of inclusive environments to the student-athlete experience.

The four-day campaign has the following themes:

  • Day 1 (Tuesday, Oct. 22) — "This is Who We Are": exploring student-athletes' core values and multiple identities.
  • Day 2 (Wednesday, Oct. 23) — "Broadening Our Horizons": creating connections across campus and highlighting diverse friendships, mentors and role models.
  • Day 3 (Thursday, Oct. 24)  "Better Together": showcasing the strengths and diversity of your campus or conference community.
  • Day 4 (Friday, Oct. 25)  "Taking Action": outlining personal action steps for inclusive excellence.

Earlier today, the University Athletic Association released its Statement for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. In the announcement,  Lisa Lynch, Brandeis University Provost and Maurice B. Hexter Professor of Social and Economic Policy said, "This statement reflects a shared commitment and understanding by each of our institutions that through this commitment to diversity and inclusion, we will enhance the excellence of each our universities."

The week serves as a prime opportunity for student-athletes, administrators, coaches and fans across the county to use their platform to engage in a discussion on and to promote diversity and inclusion. Like last year, the goal of this campaign is to use social media to create a dialogue on diversity and inclusion and to communicate the benefit of inclusive environments to the student-athlete experience. 
Please visit the  Diversity and Inclusion campaign webpage to access a variety of resources and strategies that will help you make this year's campaign a success on your campus using the campaign's exclusive hashtag — #NCAAInclusion
Last year's campaign created a national dialogue on diversity and inclusion, generating more than 25,000 posts and reaching more than 64 million people on Twitter alone. At the height of the campaign, the hashtag — #NCAAInclusion — trended No. 8 nationwide. 

The campaign was a great testimony to the powerful voices of student-athletes as agents for inclusive excellence, and we look forward to strengthening the student-athlete voice and continuing this important dialogue.



Diversity and Inclusion Day 2


Diversity and Inclusion Day 3