Personal Training

Personal training offers Brandeis students, faculty, and staff a convenient and affordable way to acheive their fitness goals. Our trainers are nationally certified student employees that will assist you in acheiving all of your fitness goals.

Personal training sessions are offered in solo, dual, and quad groupings. All sessions are a one-hour experience between client(s) and trainer. Solo sessions are tailored to the unique goals of the client.

For the dual and quad groupings, pairs or foursomes will be supervised through a single workout. It is therefore recommended that people interested in the dual or quad groupings have similar fitness goals.

In addition to personal training services, fitness assessments and weight room orientations are also available.

To schedule a training session, or for more information, please contact Fitness Coordinator Kat Page.

Personal Training Fees

Weight Room Orientation       




Fitness Assessment




Personal Training






    1 Session






    3 Sessions






    5 Sessions






    10 Sessions






Cancellation Policy

Should the need arise for a client to cancel or reschedule a training session, we ask that clients provide 24 hours notice. In the event that a client does not provide at least 12 hours notice for a cancellation, clients will be charged for their scheduled session.

Should a trainer need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, every effort will be made to provide the client with 24 hours notices. Failure on behalf of a trainer to provide at least 2 hours notice of a cancellation will result in a 1 session credit for the client.


Alex Jacobs - Alex is an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified personal trainer.  He is a big fan of circuit training, maxamixing a workout to fit into the small amounts of time we have for exercise in our busy lives.  He also enjoys running and the occasional spin class when life allows.  His favorite piece of equipment is: the Foam Roller!  (His hips agree)!  Alex enjoys working with people of all fitness levels and prides himself on being a personable and supportive trainer.  An MFA in theater arts, Alex can be seen regularly on stage in the Spingold Theater building.  Why personal training?  Years of touring theater, no exercise and a bad diet took a toll on Alex, and after an eye opening visit to the doctor's, he was faced with medication for life or making a change.  Four years later and 35 pounds later, Alex decided he wanted to share his life-changing discovery that exercise is the best medicine!

Ruben Kanya - Ruben is a Can Fit Pro Certified Trainer. His experience allows him to meet the needs of his clients at a beginner, intermediate and advanced level. He strives to educate various fitness exercises in order to meet his clients' goals. Ruben implements programs that gives his clients a foundation to allow them to meet goals and exceed them. He has trained with professional athletes and exhibits this knowledge in programs fit for it. His passion is health fitness; Ruben is currently a student-athlete who plays for the Brandeis Men's Varsity Basketball team and is majoring in Health:Science, Society & Policy.

Brittany Nachamie - Brittany is an AFPA certified personal trainer. She is also certified in Spinning, and Group Fitness instructor. Aside from exercising in a gym, she has participated in many athletic activities, including Soccer, Field Hockey, Track, Basketball, Softball, and even run a half marathon! With this in her background, she is able to work with clients on all different levels of fitness, as well as use her other certifications while training clients. Brittany wants to major in Business with a focus in marketing, and minor in Education. She hopes to one day become an elementary school special education teacher.

Megan Stewart - Megan is a NASM certified personal trainer with a Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification.  She is currently working on her Weight Loss Specialist Certification also with NASM.  Megan's passion for fitness comes through her own past struggles with weight loss and weight management, and after losing 50 pounds, decided to take her experience to the weight room.  Megan enjoys working with everyone from the first timer to the experienced athlete.  Within the athletic spectrum, Megan is a white belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a black belt in Karate, is an avid runner, and occasionally makes time for a round of golf.  Megan is currently a candidate for a MA in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies where she is focusing on Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies.

Bren Veziroglu - Bren is a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified PT and charismatic self-declared nerd, majoring in Biology and Biochemistry.  Since he began training 7 years ago, he has eaten his way from 103 to a lean 168 pounds (~8% body fat), added 220 pounds to his bench press (50 to 270), added 305 pounds to his Deadlift (95 to 400).  His methodology centers on nutrition, functionality (form follows function), and measurable results.  He believes in these 3 principles as a foundation on which, give ample time and dedication, clients will reach their maximum genetic potential, to achieve and surpass their goals.  His schedule requires that he remain reserved for clients of exceptional willpower and tenacity.


Fitness Forms

P AR-Q (pdf)

Informed Consent for Fitness Assessment (pdf)

Informed Consent for Personal Training (pdf)

Medical Clearance (pdf)