Spring 2014 Group Exercise Schedule (begins on 1/21 unless otherwise noted)

Classes are open to the Brandeis community and free unless otherwise noted

*denotes fee based/registration required;  there must be at least 6 registered for each class in order for the session to be held


12:30-1:30 Vinyasa Yoga - Tara - LMP 2

5-6 Zumba - Dani - GDS

6:45-7:15 Ab Blast - Ruth- GDS

7:15-8:15 Muscle Pump - Ruth - GDS

8:30-9:30 Power Yoga - Morgan - GDS


*12:15-1:15 TRX - Brittany - indoor track (9 wk session begins 2/4, $60)

*12-12:45 F/S Yoga - Dana - Alumni Lounge (10 wk session begins 1/28, $60 or $10 drop in)

5-5:45 Drop It Like a Squat - Kristin - GDS

6-7 Zumba - Rita -GDS (begins 1/28)

6-7 Cycle - Bill - LMP 2 (14 wk session, $80 or $10 drop in if space allows)


12:30-1:30 Vinyasa Yoga - Tara - LMP2 (begins 1/29)

2:30-3:30 Zumba - Stephanie - LMP2

5-6 Zumba - Dani - GDS

6-6:30 Ab Lab - Dani - GDS

*5:30- 6:30 F/S Zumba - Michael - LMP 2 (12 wk session, $80 or $10 drop in)


5-5:30 Ab Blast - Ruth - GDS

5:30-6:30 Muscle Pump - Ruth - GDS

*6-7 Cycle - Brittany - LMP 1 (12 wk session, $60 or $10 drop in)

6:45-7:45 Zumba - Rita - GDS

8-8:45 Drop It Like a Squat - Kristin - GDS


11:30-12:30 Power Yoga - Kat - GDS

4-5 Power Yoga - Morgan - GDS


5:30-6 Tabata - Brittany - GDS

6-6:30 Ab Blast - Brittany - GDS


If you want updates and emails, join the fitness list serv (fitness@lists.brandeis.edu).

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Class Descriptions

Ab Blast

In this 30 minute class, you will focus on training your stomach and back muscles to tone and strengthen the abdominal and increase overall balance and strength.

Ab Lab

This 30 minute class focuses on strengthening the muscles of the core through some innovative and fun exercises.


This cardiovascular class will get your heart pumping while cycling on indoor stationary bikes using drills, imagery, and heart-pumping music.  Cycling is a great workout that people of all fitness levels can enjoy.

Drop It Like a Squat

A high intensity muscle and cardio workout class specifically targeting your lower body. Prepare to jump, squat, hop, and lunge your way to a perfect butt!  Plyometric and dynamic movements will be incorporated.

*Faculty and Staff Yoga

A Hatha yoga class tailored to the groups' needs and requests each week.  Postures are given with ample variations to suit each individual.  Great for all levels, beginners welcome.

*Faculty and Staff Zumba

Fuses hypnotic Latin and world rhythms with easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow your away.   This class is tailored to the needs of faculty and staff members.  No experience necessary.  Come and join the party!

Muscle Pump

This muscle conditioning class focuses on sculpting and strengthening the entire body while buiding muscle and endurance.  Through the use of free weights, resistance bands, and stability balls, participants will get a full body workout!

Power Yoga

A vigorous, fitness-based Yoga that offeres you a great "workout" in a casual, relaxed, and fun atmosphere.  Whether you're learning Yoga (beginners welcome), or are a seasoned Yogi, participating in this heart-thumping, active practice will benefit your mind, body, and spriit.


Strapped for time? Tabata is the ultimate 4 minute high intensity workout series.  You'll work hard for 20 seconds and then get 10 seconds of rest in between for a total of 8 rounds of each exercise.  Come get your heart rate up, be challenged, and blast calories in the short intervals.


Using just your body weight (don't let that fool you), utilize the suspension training that all four branches of the miliarty use.  Challenge yourself and work out in ways you never thought possible!

Vinyasa Yoga

Let's go with the Vinyasa flow and let the  practive become a moving meditation bringing calm energy, strength, and fluidity back to the body and mind as you follow your breath from pose to pose.  Allow the practice to focus on purposeful breathing, strength building, and increased flexibility.


Fuses hypnotic Latin and world rhythms with easy to follow moves to creat a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away.  This class is tailored to the needs of faculty and staff members of the Brandeis community.  No experience necessary.  Come join the party!

INSTRUCTORS (all CPR/AED certified)

Tara Craft- 200 Hour Yoga certification

Morgan Dashko- 200 Hour Yoga certification

Michael Golitsyn- Official Zumba Instructor

Kristin Ha- AFAA Group Exercise Instructor

Dana Maxwell- 200 Hour Yoga certification

Stephanie Morris- Official Zumba Instructor

Dani Nurick- Official Zumba Instructor

Brittany Nachamie- AFPA Group Exercise Instructor, Certified Spinning Instructor

Kat Page- AAAI/ISMA Yoga certification

Bill Pastuzek- Certified Spinning Instructor

Rita Tobias- Official Zumba Instructor

Ruth Zeilicovich- AFPA Group Exercise Instructor