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Archery competes in both indoor and outdoor shoots around New England and the east coast. 

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Practices are held in the Gosman Multipurpose Room on:

Tuesdays - 6-10pm

Thursdays - 6-10pm

Sundays - 4-8pm 


Date Event Location Result
9/22-9/24  Cobweb Shoot  Ace Archers   
  Jay Chen (Barebow)   449
  Anisa Haque (Recurve)   392
  Winnie Zhao (Recurve)   365
  Irving Perez (Recurve)   363
10/22  Buckley October Open  Buckley Family Archery   
  Anisa Haque   407
  Irving Perez   322
  Tiffany Li   342
  Jacob Rodger   255
  Winnie Zhao   390
  Michael Litke   350
  Kwanyi Wong   427
  Nicole Porter   409
  Rose Jacobs   329
  Jay Chen   423
10/29  2017 Bass Pro Shops Fall Classic  Hooksett, NH   
  Joey Imhotep (barebow)   1st
  Anisa Haque (recurve)   2nd
  Rose Jacobs (recurve)   3rd
  Irving Perez (recurve)   1st
11/12  2017 Mass Indoor Open and Star FITA  Lunenburg, MA   
  Anisa Haque   360
  Nicole Porter   390
  Jay Chen   378
  Joseph Figueroa   174
  Joey Wong   370
  Rose Jacobs   304
  Winnie Zhao   361
  Jacob Rodger   293
11/18 Collegiate Shoot    
12/3  Riverside Shoot     


Anisa Haque
    Nicole Porter

Michael Litke

Victoria Carter
Vice President
  E.G. LeBre