Brandeis Athletics Hall of Fame

Name Sport Year of Graduation Year Inducted
Arell Schurgin Shapiro full bio Arell Schurgin Shapiro Women's Fencing 1974 1993
Benny Friedman full bio Benny Friedman Football Contributor 1993
Bill McKenna full bio Bill McKenna Football 1955 1993
Cleveland Lewis full bio Cleveland Lewis Men's Soccer 1978 1993
James McCully full bio James McCully Men's Soccer 1986 1993
James Stehlin full bio James Stehlin Football 1957 1993
Mark Beeman full bio Mark Beeman Men's Cross Country and Track 1985 1993
Mike Fahey full bio Mike Fahey Baseball, Men's Basketball 1975 1993
Rudy Finderson full bio Rudy Finderson Men's Basketball 1958 1993
Sid Goldfader full bio Sid Goldfader Football, Baseball, Men's Basketball 1954 1993
Claudia Jaul full bio Claudia Jaul Women's Soccer, Basketball, Softball 1984 1994
Fran Beauregard full bio Fran Beauregard Men's Soccer 1981 1994
Harry Stein full bio Harry Stein Men's Basketball, Football Contributor 1994
Joe  Linsey full bio Joe Linsey   Contributor 1994
John Perry full bio John Perry Men's Basketball 1974 1994
Manny Rivera full bio Manny Rivera Men's Cross Country and Track 1974 1994
Morry Stein full bio Morry Stein Football 1958 1994
Nicole Fogarty Fossas full bio Nicole Fogarty Fossas Women's Cross Country & Track 1989 1994
Steve Finnegan full bio Steve Finnegan Baseball 1979 1994
Charlie Napoli full bio Charlie Napoli Football 1958 1995
Ed Manganiello full bio Ed Manganiello Football 1954 1995
Edward Gastonguay full bio Edward Gastonguay Men's Track and Field 1964 1995
Kellie Vaughan Righini full bio Kellie Vaughan Righini Women's Soccer, Basketball, Softball 1989 1995
Kevin Healy full bio Kevin Healy Men's Soccer 1985 1995
Marcia Hammerschmidt Harris full bio Marcia Hammerschmidt Harris Women's Swimming and Diving 1977 1995
Noel Occomy full bio Noel Occomy Men's Tennis 1989 1995
Norm Levine full bio Norm Levine Track and Field Contributor 1995
Vin Hillyer full bio Vin Hillyer Baseball 1977 1995
Walter Harrigan full bio Walter Harrigan Men's Basketball 1978 1995
Bill Orman full bio Bill Orman Football 1957 1996
Bob Birrell full bio Bob Birrell Baseball, Men's Basketball 1979 1996
Brian Reinhold full bio Brian Reinhold Men's Cross Country and Track 1976 1996
Buddy Bostick full bio Buddy Bostick Men's Cross Country and Track 1980 1996
Irv Heller full bio Irv Heller Football Contributor 1996
Lisel Judge full bio Lisel Judge Women's Fencing Contributor 1996
Pam Vaughan full bio Pam Vaughan Women's Basketball, Soccer, Softball 1990 1996
Rob Muller full bio Rob Muller Men's Soccer 1977 1996
Stuart  Paris full bio Stuart Paris Men's Basketball 1964 1996
Wendy Lowengrub full bio Wendy Lowengrub Women's Swimming and Diving 1990 1996
Jim Leahy full bio Jim Leahy Men's Soccer 1985 1997
June Parks full bio June Parks Women's Track and Field 1992 1997
Mike Long full bio Mike Long Football, Men's Track and Field 1960 1997
Murray Greenberg full bio Murray Greenberg Men's Soccer, Baseball 1977 1997
Roger Morgan full bio Roger Morgan Baseball, Men's Basketball 1955 1997
Ronni Yellen full bio Ronni Yellen Women's Tennis, Basketball, Softball 1978 1997
Steve Harrington full bio Steve Harrington Men's Basketball, Baseball 1992 1997
Anna Nichols full bio Anna Nichols Women's Basketball Contributor 1998
Frank Goldschmidt full bio Frank Goldschmidt Men's Track and Field 1963 1998
James Houston full bio James Houston Men's Basketball 1956 1998
Jeff Steinberg full bio Jeff Steinberg Men's Soccer 1987 1998
John Martin full bio John Martin Men's Basketball 1978 1998
Thomas Egan full bio Thomas Egan Football 1955 1998
Richard Baldacci full bio Richard Baldacci Football 1955 2000
Domenic Finelli full bio Domenic Finelli Men's Cross Country and Track 1979 2000
Jean Olds Cann full bio Jean Olds Cann Women's Cross Country & Track 1992 2000
Michael Shannon full bio Michael Shannon Men's Soccer 1978 2000
Nick Rodis full bio Nick Rodis Athletic Director Contributor 2000
Robert Domozych full bio Robert Domozych Football, Baseball 1954 2000
Robert Kelley full bio Robert Kelley Baseball, Men's Basketball 1975 2000
Ross Nadeau full bio Ross Nadeau Baseball 1987 2000
1976 Men's Soccer Team full bio 1976 Men's Soccer Team Soccer 1976 2001
Al Coulthard full bio Al Coulthard Trainer Contributor 2001
Bob  Brannum full bio Bob Brannum Men's Basketball Contributor 2001
David Perdios full bio David Perdios Baseball 1980 2001
Eleena Zhelezov full bio Eleena Zhelezov Women's Track and Field 1995 2001
John Prairie full bio John Prairie Men's Soccer 1979 2001
Phil Goldstein full bio Phil Goldstein Football 1954 2001
Stanley House full bio Stanley House Men's Basketball 1989 2001
1955-56 Women's Basketball Team full bio 1955-56 Women's Basketball Team Basketball 1955-56 2003
Andre James full bio Andre James Men's Basketball 1992 2003
Bob Boutin full bio Bob Boutin Baseball 1987 2003
Chris Corsac full bio Chris Corsac Women's Basketball, Soccer, Softball 1988 2003
Dennis Donoghue full bio Dennis Donoghue Men's Cross Country and Track 1977 2003
Jim Belanger full bio Jim Belanger Men's Soccer 1981 2003
Kristin Foellmer full bio Kristin Foellmer Women's Fencing 1996 2003
Tom O'Connell full bio Tom O'Connell Baseball Contributor 2003
1953-54 Men's Basketball Team full bio 1953-54 Men's Basketball Team Basketball 1953-54 2004
Chris Horton full bio Chris Horton Men's Track and Field 1977 2004
David Brooks full bio David Brooks Men's Basketball 1992 2004
George Doring full bio George Doring Men's Track and Field 1961 2004
Greg Allen full bio Greg Allen Men's Soccer 1986 2004
Racheal Perry full bio Racheal Perry Women's Basketball 1992 2004
Sid Boorstein full bio Sid Boorstein Men's Soccer, Contributor 1962 2004
1977 Baseball Team full bio 1977 Baseball Team   1977 2006
Carmen Bumgarner full bio Carmen Bumgarner Women's Soccer 1991 2006
Edward McCarthy full bio Edward McCarthy Men's Cross Country and Track 1984 2006
Frank Raio full bio Frank Raio Men's Soccer 1983 2006
Martin Zelnik full bio Martin Zelnik Men's Tennis, Basketball, Football, Fencing and Soccer 1961 2006
Melissa Jones full bio Melissa Jones Softball, Women's Soccer 1999 2006
Richard Bergel full bio Richard Bergel Football 1957 2006
1983 Men's Cross Country Team full bio 1983 Men's Cross Country Team Cross Country 1983 2008
Bobby Bernstein full bio Bobby Bernstein Men's Tennis 1985 2008
Fred Marden full bio Fred Marden Baseball 1965 2008
Hannah Johnson Bornstein full bio Hannah Johnson Bornstein Women's Swimming and Diving 2002 2008
Hubie LeBlanc full bio Hubie LeBlanc Men's Basketball, Baseball 1958 2008
Michael Lichtenstein full bio Michael Lichtenstein Men's Soccer 1979 2008
Myron Uhlberg full bio Myron Uhlberg Football 1955 2008
Terrence Gargiulo full bio Terrence Gargiulo Men's Fencing 1990 2008
Bud Collins full bio Bud Collins Tennis Contributor 2009
Donald Soffer full bio Donald Soffer Football 1954 2009
Ginny Lypscon Richburg full bio Ginny Lypscon Richburg Cross Country and Track 1981 2009
Kevin Curtin full bio Kevin Curtin Cross Country and Track 1984 2009
Marc Eisenstock full bio Marc Eisenstock Baseball, Basketball 1972 2009
Michael Novaria full bio Michael Novaria Soccer 1991 2009
Theresa Ceriello full bio Theresa Ceriello Volleyball 2003 2009
Tim Morehouse full bio Tim Morehouse Fencing 2000 2009
Geoff Getz full bio Geoff Getz Men's Track and Field & Cross Country 1999 2012
Harold Zinn full bio Harold Zinn Golf 1961 2012
Maya Marx full bio Maya Marx Women's Swimming and Diving 2004 2012
Robert Nayer full bio Robert Nayer Men's Basketball 1970 2012
Ruth Porter Bernstein full bio Ruth Porter Bernstein Women's Basketball/Contributor 1957 2012
William Carpenter full bio William Carpenter Baseball 1981 2012
1957 Football Team full bio 1957 Football Team Football 1957 2013
1984 Men's Soccer Team full bio 1984 Men's Soccer Team Men's Soccer 1984 2013
Danielle Fitzpatrick full bio Danielle Fitzpatrick Women's Basketball 2004 2013
Jules Love full bio Jules Love Men's Basketball 1955 2013
Mark Bonaiuto full bio Mark Bonaiuto Baseball 1977 2013
Michael Goldfarb full bio Michael Goldfarb Men's Swimming and Diving 1999 2013
Rashad Williams full bio Rashad Williams Men's Basketball 2002 2013
Victoria Petrillo full bio Victoria Petrillo Women's Track and Field & Cross Country 1999 2013
1957-58 Men's Basketball full bio 1957-58 Men's Basketball Men's Basketball 1957-58 2015
Israel "Ace" Weinstein full bio Israel "Ace" Weinstein Contributor Contributor 2015
Brenda Schafer full bio Brenda Schafer Women's Tennis 1977 2015
Nelson Figueroa full bio Nelson Figueroa Baseball 1998 2015
Bryan Lambert full bio Bryan Lambert Baseball / Basketball 2005 2016
Jim Zotz full bio Jim Zotz Contributor Contributor 2016
Ken Hannan full bio Ken Hannan Soccer 1995 2016
Mariko (Tansey Holbrook) Neveu full bio Mariko (Tansey Holbrook) Neveu Cross Country / Track and Field 2003 2016
1989 Men's Tennis Team full bio 1989 Men's Tennis Team Men's Tennis 1989 2017
Greg Steelman full bio Greg Steelman Men's Track and Field 1991 2017
John Fobia full bio John Fobia Men's Soccer 1973 2017
Marshall Goldman full bio Marshall Goldman Men's Swimming and Diving 2003 2017
Mike Mayer full bio Mike Mayer Men's Fencing 1994 2017
Sara Albert full bio Sara Albert Softball 2004 2017